Hiking and Trekking holidays in Italy

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Trekking poles

Tips for a smart purchase

Trekking poles have become an indispensable hiking gear. Their utility? They help you save energy relieving the load on your joints. Walking along a bumpy trail, with all roughness it presents, often leads us to overload our legs putting a lot of strain on both muscles and joints. Using the hiking poles, we take some of the effort we make, on arms and shoulders. When we walk for several days with a heavy backpack, they also become useful for better maintaining balance saving our precius joint.

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hiking boots

A guide to choose footwear for trekking

Are you looking for your mountain boots, but you do not know what kind of hiking shoes you really need? You would like to start hiking and they told you to buy a pair of hiking boots but you don't know which ones to take. Should I take the cheapest models or do I go directly to the top models?

When you must buy hiking boots, the choice is difficult, but I will give you a couple of tips to buy the right pair of hiking boots.

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