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Pizzocolo ridge
Climbing the ridge of Mount Pizzocolo

Climbing the south-est ridge

Lake Garda is one of the great lakes of northern Italy, it is also the largest of all.

On this unstable weather day, we have had confirmation from weather forecast that there will be no rainfall all morning.

Today I am with a small group of hikers we will face the ascent of Monte Pizzocolo along its south-east ridge with some easy rocky passages and a great view of the lake despite the clouds.

pizzocolo garda lake view

The most challenging part is the middle one where there are some sections where you need to climb a few steps they are without exposure or particularly difficult passages. All you need is a bit of agility and a little physical training because the whole route is on steep terrain.

pizzocolo garda lake climb

The climb proceeds calmly and with a few small breaks to rest and catch your breath. In just over two hours of walking we reach the top where the panorama is really wide and you can enjoy a wonderful view of Monte Baldo which is located on the opposite shore of the lake on the border between Veneto and Trentino.

pizzocolo garda lake summit

The group is happy and we stop at the top to eat but at the first drop of rain we begin to go down the easy path. Fortunately, the rain is only passing and we can also pass by the beautiful Rifugio Pirlo where we take a slice of cake and a good beer before going down to the valley to admire the lake from its shores.

pizzocolo garda lake refuge