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Hikers on Rio Gargassa

Trekking along the river in Ligurian Apennines

Today on the Ligurian coast the weather was disturbed while on the Apennines there would be some sun and so much wind, where to go?

The canyon of the Rio Gargassa, 30 km above Genova, is the ideal place today, the wind would not have bothered us and there would have been no rain.

gargassa trail

With a small group of hikers we went to discover the wonders of this place where the first blooms begin to appear.

Typical Ligurian flora

The canyon is modest, but very suggestive! The rocks of this place consists of conglomerate a typical rocky formation of Ligurian Apennines. These rocky gorges are very impressive and we enjoy this little corner of spectacular nature.

Rock conglomerate

Out of the canyon we go up to see some view before going back down.

The view over Apennines in Alessandria district

We will descent for another path making a loop trail


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