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Daily hike from Uscio to Camogli between mountain and sea

February is the month in which on the Ligurian coast you begin to breathe spring air. Today with a nice group we have travelled the last stage of “Via del Sale lombarda”, Lombardian salt route, that from Pavia carried the merchants up and down to the Genoese coasts where the trades took place between the Mediterranean and the Po Valley.

We started from Uscio, a small village perched on the first mountains of Tigullio coasts, to climb the ridge of the Casetti Pass. The trail alternates wooded ridge and thicker forests where, in late winter, flourish the Hellebores.

The Ellebores virdis flower in the ligurian woods

From above you can admire the small mountain villages where, thanks to the low winter vegetation, you can see very well the terraces where once were cultivated cereals, olive trees and fruit plants. A millenary work that unfortunately is increasingly disappearing because no one uses them anymore.

Old village close to the Camogli coasts with cultivation terraces

Coming out of the woods we approach the coast following faithfully the ridge of the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Guardia.

The path that leads to Caravaggio Sanctuary above Camogli

Now the sea is clearly visible, we just have to go down to camogli!

The view toward the Paradiso Gulf with Recco and Genova on the distance

The path passes through beautiful meadows that even in winter are wonderful.

Ligurian meadows above Ruta di Camogli

And finally descending by Carugi and Creuze, the steepy and narrow typical Ligurian alleys that lead to the sea, we reach Camogli! Now it’s time for a break on the beach eating Ligurian focaccia!

Camogli shores with its characteristic castle and fisherman village

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