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Snowshoeing in Alpe Genuina

Great views and enchanting woods among the pastures of the Antigorio Valley

There are places that give the best of themselves in a particular season. Winter is the right season to visit the Alpe Genuina! Why? Stunning fir forests, silent places and a wide panorama!

Alpe Genuina is an ancient pasture, close to Domodossola a cosy city in Piedmont, north italy.

Today I am with a nice group, most of them are female! Today girls rule! It is a mild and sunny day, so the perfect day for a winter hiking. Unfortunately we will remember the 2019 winter as the poorest of snow. Little “white powder” around, but luckily it is enough for snowshoeing.

We start from the panoramic Foppiano pasture and we walk along the beautiful fir and larch forest.

Heading to Alpe Camplero in Antigorio valley

About half way we pass by some abandoned pastures where the view extends over the Antigorio Valley, Switzerland is very close from here!

The old pastures climbing up to Alpe Genuina

We dive back into the woods while the sun tries to light up the dense forest.

The sun among the trees

After about an hour of walking we reach the Alpe Genuina and from here the panorama opens towards the Val Formazza, Devero and the nearby Swiss mountains. Now all that remains is to stop and enjoy the beautiful sun and the splendid view!

The panorama toward Alpe Devero and Swiss mountains

We return from the same route and how to conclude our hike? With a good beer and a slice of homemade cake! Cheers!

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