Privacy Policy

Welcome to, Davide Adamo's personal website. I'm happy to be able to accompany you on trails and in nature for exciting adventures. is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. This Statement describes your right to privacy regarding your information that are used on this site and the measures that are taken to protect your privacy. I know very well that this is a long document, but I kindly ask you to read this Statement very carefully.

Some terms to clarify

First of all, it is necessary to be clear about the meaning that some words have in this document. It may seem obvious, but within this Statement you will be referred to as "user", "hiker", "person". When I speak of "trekupitaly", "guide" or of the website operator, I refer to Adamo Davide, owner of the website or in some cases the term "guide" identifies the person accompanying the proposed excursion (in general, but not always, different from hiking) and that is visible at the bottom of each proposed outdoor event. Remember that trekupitaly is a site of hiking proposals, it is not a company or a travel agency.

Through this site are simply conveyed the proposals for hiking, mountaineering (conducted by Alpine Guides) and at the same time are collected the registrations to them. Occasionally I propose trips on behalf of other guides (hiking guides, Alpine Guides, AMM, cycling tour guides and other forms of outdoor accompaniment).

The physical address of the site owner is in Via Monterosa 40, 20081 ABBIATEGRASSO (MI) - Italy.

In order to propose and carry out the trips, I use trekupitaly website and its IT systems. The site in addition to transmitting the proposals accessible to all users of the web, provides access to a restricted area after registering as a user by entering personal data. This allows the user to make both registrations for the proposed tours (necessary to account for and manage the group, without I am not able to organize the exit) and to receive a periodic "Newsletter" and any strictly service communications related to the proposed tours.

Lastly, this information concerns data relating to people. These data are used by trekupitaly to manage reservations for trips but also to know and profile the people who sign up to better manage, advise or possibly notify people of the difficulties and / or physical commitment required and consequently the appropriate physical preparation. This type of data is called "Personal Data", "Identifiable Personal Information" or "IPI". In this Notice we use the term "Personal Data".

What personal data collects and uses trekupitaly

The personal data that Trekupitaly usually uses include, but is not limited to: name, date and place of birth, contact details, address, tax code, knowledge and experience of hiking, knowledge about sports, allergies and / or diseases. All useful information to identify and evaluate in advance the alleged attitude of the person to the chosen or proposed trips.

With the registration to the trip through the site remains a trace of your participation that is visible only from your private account and not publicly. The website operator has access to these data as necessary for the completion of legal obligations. However, with the shooting of images and with the publication of the same on the website, your presence on the excursion may be recognizable. In this case it is always requested at the time of registration to indicate your consent to take pictures of you and films and their eventual publication. If you contact me by mail or phone, in some cases I keep track of that correspondence; feedback on you or if you give feedback are also part of your personal data (after all it is your opinion).

Through the site and third party applications (Google Analytics) I collect data concerning visits to the website, by way of example but not exhaustive: the IP address of the visitor, browser used, timestamp, location, national traffic data, visited pages, etc. .... This information is used for marketing purposes and internal analysis to improve the proposals and the site itself.

Because we use personal data that concerns you.

The collected data are used to formalize registrations, to issue receipts or invoices, to send you the normal correspondence (usually email or messages) necessary for the organization of the exit (get-togethers, schedules, schedule changes), to keep you informed about the proposals future. Some data are transferred to third parties (accountants, revenue agency, police, etc ...), where necessary, to comply with all legal obligations; and we may process your data also for the following purposes:

  • to reply to or investigate further for any disservices or complaints;
  • comply with obligations and rights and cooperate with investigations by the police, government or legislator.
What the law provides about that

The law provides that there is a justification indicated in the same law for the processing of your data in my possession. More details and information on current legislation can be consulted on the websites of the European Union and the Italian State Privacy Authority.

Are you obliged to provide me with personal data that I request?

You are not obliged to provide me with your personal details, but if you do not, it would be practically impossible for me to work with you and offer you trips.

Treatment of your personal data without any human intervention

Through the site and its automated application (JOOMLA, EVENT BOOKING and ACY MAILING) the registrations of the "hikers" are automatically collected. The application collects the registrations that are carried out by the site, categorizes them and groups them by excursion and keeps them on the hosting server (HOST SpA - Welcome Italia Group) and sends an email to the guide who organizes the group ( human intervention).

How long do I keep your personal data?

The guide has the right to store your personal data for up to 30 months from your registration or from the last activity while you show interest in the site (for example, registration, 'access, update or registration to a trip).

Transferring your personal data to third parties

As mentioned above, we usually communicate your data to third parties to fulfill all obligations under the law and the tax authorities. We carry out this activity in the following circumstances:

To an accounting firm for the accomplishment of administrative and fiscal tasks.

They could be communicated to structures such as: Refuges, hotels, transport companies, travel agencies in case it is necessary for the organization and execution of the trips themselves.

I will share your information with the Government, the police, the legislator or the Authorities where I was legally obliged or authorized to do so or if it were the most prudent solution.

Transferring your data outside the European Union

Only if necessary for the purpose of organizing an extra-European trip and in close cooperation with travel agencies located both on European soil and on non-European territory.

What are your rights

Right to access and obtain a copy of your personal data, you have the right to request confirmation that I am processing any of your personal data. From the site, in the private area and in your user account, you have access to your personal data and some information about their treatment. In some cases you can ask me to provide you with an electronic copy of your data.

Right of rectification of your personal data

In the event that you are able to demonstrate the incorrectness of your personal data in our possession, you have the possibility to request me the updating of such data or their correction. I strongly encourage you to access the website, where possible, to update your personal data in the first person.

Right to be forgotten / to delete data

In some circumstances you have the right to request a limitation on the processing of your personal data and / or the cancellation of the same. You have the right to submit this request at any time and the site administrator or guide will evaluate the possibility of accepting the same, however this right is subject to legal rights or obligations and therefore I may have to keep the data in question. In situations where it is established that, pursuant to the law, your request for cancellation of personal data can be accepted, I will immediately do so without unjustified delays. Please keep in mind that, once the data is deleted, trekupitaly and the guides that use the site may no longer be useful, no longer being in possession of the information that concerns you. If you wish to register again at the site or sign up for an excursion, you will need to re-enter your details.

Right to raise objections

Although the processing of your data by the guide is based on the legitimate interest of the guide (and on no other grounds of treatment) or is related to direct sales, you have the right to object to the processing of the data. If you wish to exercise one of your rights, please contact me by e-mail by writing to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. When you send an e-mail to exercise your rights, the guide or the site manager may ask you to identify yourself before to proceed with your request. Finally, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Privacy Authority in the country where you live or work or where you believe you have generated a problem related to your data.

What level of security exists for data in systems?

You are required to safely store the login details on the site, in particular the password that you have personally chosen. Login login credentials are for personal use only. You are not allowed to share such credentials or other account details with other people. website is hosted on the servers of managed by the company HOST Spa, Corso Svizzera 185, 10149, Turin. The site is developed using the JOOMLA platform (open source software) applications that use the data are, JOOMLA for user registrations, EVENT BOOKING for the management of registrations, ACY MAILING for managing and sending newsletters, Google for the surveys and cognitive questionnaires. The site uses the HTTPS protocol which guarantees the SSL encryption of the data entered by the user and the communication between the server and the connected remote devices. The data transferred from the server to the remote computer of the guide and the site manager are protected by Kaskpersky lab Antivirus and Firewall software and the software is periodically updated to prevent any intrusion by malicious persons.

How do we manage the changes made to this Policy?

The terms indicated in this Notice may be amended from time to time. It will be my concern to publish any relevant changes made to this Notice. The Data Controller of the processing of your personal data, the Data Protection Officer (DPO) and the person to contact for the relations between user, website and organization trips is Davide Adamo with registered office in Via Monterosa 40 - 20081 Abbiategrasso (MI), Italy. In relation to the processing of your data, you can exercise the rights provided by the Italian Law art.13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 and according to the EU2016 / 679 regulations that you can consult on the official website of the guarantor for privacy.

Davide Adamo, May 2018